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Posted by Jane Danforth on 09/11/2016   Email

Thank you to everyone at Carers in Hucknall who made us feel so welcome when we visited with Kenny from to take photos for our Nottinghamshire Healthcare website. The cuppa and high quality biscuits sealed it! It was lovely to see so many carers sharing knowledge and experiences. The talk from The Healthy Housing Service highlighted how to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people aged over 60 by using home energy improvements and compared the costs of gas and electric tariffs across the different companies. They help people to find the best priced energy for individual homes and is accredited by Ofgem as a switching site people can trust We look forward to seeing some of the photos on your website! Thank you all again Jane Danforth Involvement & Experience Officer Notts Healthcare

Posted by Andrew Grundy on 19/07/2016   Email

Had a great time at the 'Carers in Hucknall' group this afternoon talking about the EQUIP (Enhancing the quality of user involved care planning in Mental Health services) programme of research! It was great sharing information about our latest study for carers about their care planning preferences: Looking forward to returning to share our findings! Andrew Grundy (EQUIP researcher)

Posted by Jan Richardson on 11/05/2016   Email

Hi Jim. Really pleased to be able to help you. Jan

Posted by Brian on 22/08/2012   Email

I like the new site!

Posted by David Parker on 08/08/2012

I hope that the changes to the website are OK.